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Datassurant Vulnerability Scanning Services

Vulnerability Scanning is vital to any security plan. Scanning checks your systems for weaknesses in applications, computers and networks. Risks can be pinpointed before they are exploited or attacked. Comprehensive scanning also maps your network and identifies all IT assets and associated vulnerabilities.

Small and medium-sized businesses, with minimal IT staff, often fall in the trap of scanning irregularly or infrequently. IT functions are dynamic with constantly changing systems, users, and software installations. Scanning should not be a one-time event. Scanning should constantly match your complex and evolving IT environment. Using Datassurant’s scanning services provide small and medium-sized firms a comprehensive solution.

Features of managed vulnerability scanning:

  • Our Partners and Global vulnerability scanning technology leaders, Qualys, nCircle and Tenable Security, power all Datassurant back-end scanning services.
  • Using defense-in-depth strategies, our services are offered first through our own operation centers and then our security partners, further guarding against threats.
  • Critical scan reports identify vulnerabilities in the system and recommend detailed remediation advice.
  • Control panel reporting identifies trends before the vulnerability is exploited.
  • Vulnerabilities are prioritized based on severity, so you can remediate accordingly.
  • PCI-Approved scan reporting is obtained for the card processing systems.
  • Services are offered through our own operation centers, which provide double protection against threats.

Benefits of managed scanning:

  • Systematic processes are implemented, removing outdated or manual processes.
  • Administration labor is simplified, relieving overburdened IT and security staff.
  • Budgets can be managed with the two cost effective options. Billing can also be integrated to reduce accounting burdens.
  • Our services can be seamlessly integrated with the other managed security solutions.

Datassurant’s managed services offer two flexible and cost effective solutions that current low-end tools can’t match.

Full-Service Scanning – for firms wanting to leverage our expertise and employ us to manage all scanning while integrating it into our infrastructure. Scanning services can be scheduled to suit your needs, whether weekly, monthly or unlimited.

Self-Service Scanning – an option for businesses who want to handle the administration of the scans, while still benefiting from our additional services such as asset clarification and remediation management.

Datassurant offers vulnerability scanning solutions targeted to solve the scanning threats and management in small to medium-sized organizations.

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