HyperSecur Security Seals

Build Trust with Third-Party Verification Seals

HyperSecur Security Seals show buyers that your ebusiness takes a proactive stance toward network and personal security. Customers feel assured that their financial information is safe and confidential.

  • Merchants displaying our HyperSecur Third-Party Seals have experienced sales increases of 10% due to increased consumer confidence.
  • Consumer Reports’ research revealed that over 71% of online shoppers purposely seek out third-party website verification seals.

And that’s what it’s all about…building trust between individuals and the online organizations that they interact with.

When you participate in our HyperSecur Third-Party Verification Seal program, your organization will:

  • Increase consumer confidence.
  • Show a proactive mindset about security.
  • Encourage partners to focus on business rather than security concerns.
  • Reduce interruptions to your business with insurance concerns.
  • Provide a level of comfort to potential investors.

HyperSecur Third-Party Security Seals are backed by the most recent technology in website scanning, vulnerability reporting and the scrutiny of our experts. We look at your network the way a hacker would see it, so your risks are minimized before a breach can occur.

Here’s what happens before a website can receive the HyperSecur security seal:

  • The merchant network is scrutinized for vulnerabilities.
  • Automated and on-demand scans are executed daily, weekly, or monthly to meet your security standards.
  • Risks are compared with our database of thousands of known threats.
  • Recommendations are provided to help you resolve security concerns.

When your network has passed all security, you will be awarded the HyperSecur Seal that will help save your reputation and your profits.

Learn more about how each HyperSecur Package  can extend the value of third-party website verification seals by delivering the most comprehensive security and PCI compliance products for the best return on your investment.

Choose HyperSecur security seals to broadcast to your shoppers that they can trust your site with secure and risk-free purchases.



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