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SSL Certificates to achieve advanced security

Protect your site from hackers and keep your customers’ information safe with our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate products. SSL certificates protect user names, passwords, credit card numbers and any personal information submitted through online forms. For your security, we have partnered with VeriSign and GeoTrust, both worldwide industry leaders.

Select from three packages, all of which feature:

  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption both online and over mobile networks
  • SSL certificates and reissues if you need them
  • GeoSure warranties of up to $150,000

The three GeoTrust packages are Quick Premium, True BusinessID and True BusinessID with EV SSL. They are included in the gold, platinum and diamond plans  respectively, at no extra charge. You may also purchase SSL certificates separately as an upgrade to your package.

  • GeoTrust Quick Premium SSL is our fastest solution, perfect for those who are on a tight deadline. You’ll be up and running in 24 hours or less.
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL is the most popular protection plan. It has added authentication to prove your site is really yours through organization validation. Users can quickly tell that they have not been led to a spoofed or “phished” website.
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV SSL has extended validation (EV) that gives you even more credibility, especially among your most security conscious clientele. Your status bar will read “Identified by GeoTrust” right in the header! It will also appear green on the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We utilize SSL certificates which allow us to achieve advanced security solutions for any website that we secure. The SSL certificates are coded protocols that supply protected communications on the internet for email and financial transactions on your website.

VeriSign GeoTrust

SSL Certificates

The SSL Certification seal shows all visitors that you are very serious about maintaining your customer’s security. This provides your site visitors with the best encryption that is available for the SSL protocol.s extra emphasis and also shows the highest level of protection that is intended to help prevent hackers from retrieving confidential information and at the same time provide your visitors with complete peace of mind when they are visiting your site.

With Datassurant you can choose the SSL certificate that best meets your business needs:  

GeoTrust SSLs and EV SSL Certificates
1 Year Price 2 Year Price 3 Year Price
VeriSign® Secure Site SSL      
VeriSign® Secure Site Pro SSL      
VeriSign® Secure Site with EV SSL      
VeriSign® Secure Site Pro with EVSSL      

Small and mid-sized e-commerce businesses are the ones most likely to be vulnerable to hackers. So it’s important that you take advantage of SSL certificates as part of your overall Website security plan. Select the best SSL that meets your business needs from Datassurant.

VeriSign SSLs and EV SSLs

1 Year Price 2 Year Price 3 Year Price
GeoTrust QuickSSL® Premium      
GeoTrust True BusinessID® SSL      
GeoTrust True BusinessID® with EV SSL      
GeoTrust True BusinessID® Wildcard SSL      

Both BusinessID plans include a GeoTrust seal with your company name and the date issued. It’s the perfect emblem to put on website. Customers will know it when they see it and find your site to be trustworthy and reliable. In these days of abundant identity theft, this will be exactly what they’re looking for.
Still not sure what you’re looking for?  Contact us  and we will help you find it.
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