Your Customers are Your Best Sales Force

RatePoint’s site rating system can boost your sales.

With the stellar growth of “social commerce”, the value of customer feedback reviews is critical to online success. In fact, customer feedback ratings are almost expected. Buyers value the feedback from other consumers as much (or more!) than information from the merchant.

Are you leery of negative feedback or unconvinced it’s needed?

Here is strong data supporting the case of adding feedback to your site:

  • Over 71% of online shoppers find user reviews valuable.
  • A “Five Star” rating can increase sales by 16%.
  • Merchants displaying feedback profiles found traffic increased by 75%.
  • Conversion rates rose 56%.
  • Total order values increased 42%.
  • Over 81% of online consumers used reviews to decide between 2-3 products.
  • 63% of buyers were more likely to buy from merchants’ sites providing feedback ratings.

Those are convincing numbers!

The addition of customer reviews increases conversions, increases site traffic, cuts return rates and forms a trusted community. Now the question becomes how to integrate feedback ratings and reviews into your website. Datassurant offers a tool that easily integrates with your online business.


Turning feedback into a sales, marketing and customer service asset.

RatePoint is a simple, web-based tool to collect, manage and promote authentic customer feedback. It benefits all sizes of enterprises by improving customer service, building trust and strengthening customer relationships.

The Benefits of RatePoint Service

Build your store reputation and boost sales:

  • Turn casual shoppers into buyers with this common sense approach to sharing buyer opinions through online reputation management.
  • Capitalize on “word of mouth” marketing. RatePoint encourages your customers to speak up and provides tools to promote that feedback.
  • RatePoint enables you to address problems before they can impact your reputation.

Improve your customer service:

  • Typically unhappy customers don’t complain…they just go elsewhere. RatePoint lets their voices be heard.
  • Provide a more satisfactory buying experience with RatePoint’s interactive exchange of honest feedback.
  • RatePoint tools provide a vehicle to stay connected to your customers.

How Does RatePoint Do It? They help you…


  • Long-term customer relationships are built by continued communication.
  • RatePoint’s easy-to-build survey tools allow you to keep in contact with customers.
  • Marketing tools such as email campaign creation, newsletters, promotions and click-through reporting maintain the personal contact with your customers.


  • Easily ask for feedback.
  • All reviews are verified to be authentic.
  • Feedback is more likely to be left (and be positive) with buyer prompting.
  • Site seals, email reviews, feedback buttons and links on websites, invoices and letters all make it easy for the buyer to respond.


  • Your RatePoint Business Center web dashboard has feedback alerts, reports of site traffic and dispute data.
  • RatePoint’s unique Dispute Resolution System handles problems quickly. This feature allows businesses a chance to satisfy concerns before negative reviews become viewable. Experience has shown that over 90% of all negative reviews are resolved with this system.


  • Create trust by publishing your reviews directly on your website.
  • RatePoint’s dynamically generated testimonials create more impact than standard testimonial pages.
  • The regularly updated reviews are timely, relevant and save manual updating labor.
  • All RatePoint clients are listed in our client directory, improving overall search engine placement.

View a RatePoint demonstration by clicking here . Or purchase today to give your business a 5-Star advantage!

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