LIVECHAT Contact Center Services

Be there for your customer the instant they need you.

Since you can’t be there in person, provide instant personal service that can wipe away the questions and doubts that so often prevent a sale. With LIVECHAT Contact Center Services you can have an interactive conversation just like a “brick and mortar” business. Your product specialists will be there to guide customers through product questions, return procedures, and technical problems while improving consumer confidence and satisfaction.

As part of our commitment to your success, each HyperSecur package includes LIVECHAT Contact Center Services at no additional charge. This valuable program has a proven track record in helping companies increase sales and improve customer service.

The Benefits of LIVECHAT

Increase your sales: Visitors who use LIVECHAT purchase three times more often then other web users.

  • Eliminate barriers to purchasing by providing immediate on-line answers.
  • Increase your average order value by cross-selling or up-selling.
  • Improve the shopping experience with personal interaction.

Shorten the sales cycle. Merchants who learn buyers’ needs online are able to answer questions immediately and complete sales more quickly.

Increase customer loyalty.

  • Build trust and confidence by showing that live assistance is immediately available.
  • Online support representatives are able to quickly resolve issues during the first inquiry, resulting in higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Decrease operating expenses.

  • LIVECHAT allows representatives to serve multiple customers simultaneously.
  • Reduces required call center seats due to more efficient time spent with the customer.
  • Data is provided for analysis and efficiency optimization - statistics shown in the application indicate the operator’s response time to customer inquiry.

Our LIVECHAT website feature is reliable (over 99.9% uptime) and simple to set-up. It’s the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

Personalize your LIVECHAT!
LIVECHAT can even be personalized with your own logo and color scheme to custom fit your store for an additional charge. To customize your LIVECHAT dialogue window contact 1-800-PCI-8197.

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