The “Business Background Reviewed” Seal is a Badge of Honor

Prove To Customers That Your Background Has Been Given A Seal Of Approval

Customers can be wary of unfamiliar small or medium sized businesses. With the dearth of phishing sites, they may question your legitimacy. Business Background Reviewed seals reassure your visitors that you’ve been verified by HyperSecur’s business authentication process. So display the seal prominently and proudly on your site!

Before receiving the Business Background Reviewed seal we verify:

  • Your business address and location
  • All business registrations
  • Internet domain names that are registered to the business (sites protected by proxy must provide documentation)
  • The legitimacy of all business registrations and locations on your site.

When your website displays this badge, your customers will know at a glance that they can shop with confidence. Instead of just clicking through they will buy, because they can trust their purchase is with an authentic merchant.

Click here  to find out how to get your Seal and learn more about our HyperSecur PCI security packages.


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