Concerned About Data Security Breaches? So Are We.

Datassurant Security Breach Protection is Your Insurance

You need an insurance plan that will protect your business in case the unthinkable happens. We offer an additional security service as a safeguard to both you and your customers. It’s known as Data Breach Protection.
Although a breach is unlikely to occur while using HyperSecur’s high-level protection, you can’t predict when a company laptop will be stolen or an identity thief will hack your site. Any unauthorized leak of credit card information can cost you thousands of dollars and weaken customer confidence.
You must be proactive in preventing serious damage and financial risk. That peace-of-mind can come with a high price tag. HyperSecur’s Breach Protection provides it at no extra charge!
When you register for any of our service packages – Silver to Diamond (offerings.aspx) – we will outfit you with $100,000 of data breach insurance to cover expenses incurred should a breach happen, such as fees, legal expenses or fines.* That’s TWICE the amount provided by most other security providers!
You could also get financial assistance for the following:

  • Investigating how the breach occurred and how it can be prevented next time.
  • Helping customers with compromised information, such as opening new credit accounts.
  • Replacing items that were lost or stolen due to the breach.

Be Proactive!
Instead of simply hoping that identity thieves will bypass your business, make sure you are protected today. Sign up for one of our HyperSecur plans (offerings.aspx) with free Data Breach Protection.

*Data Breach Protection protects only U.S. merchants who have provided their Merchant Identification Number (MID).


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